Thor Ragnarok Movie Trailer, Thor 3 Cast, Release Date, 1st Look, Posters, Videos

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Official Trailer | Chris Hemsworth Thor 3 Ragnarok Film Teaser Online, 1st Look, Posters, Story-plot, Release date, Cast, Videos.

Thor Ragnarok cast and plot spoilers, rumors: Thor and Thanos fight, Loki dies

Last updated:Wednesday, October 5, 2016The third film in the ‘Thor’ franchise Thor Ragnarok will witness an interesting plot between Thor and Thanos. Apparently, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor might be facing Thanos in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok. The fans of the series had last seen Thanos during the mid-credits scene of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. The Mad […]

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