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Thor 3 Ragnarok movie plot: Who is Hela in the movie?

Thor 3 Ragnarok movie plot: Who is Hela in the movie?
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Before some months, Marvel studios officially announces the presence of Hela who is a villainous Goddess which will be appearing in Thor Ragnarok and her role will be done by Care Blanchett. This is Marvel third Thor standalone movie which will be directed by Taika Waititi.

You must be thinking that what so important about this character in the movie as she alone can stand the combined power of Hulk and Thor. For that, you should know the history of this character. Hela was the creation of the combined efforts of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, which is loosely based on the Norse Goddess Hell who first appeared in 1964. Born in Jotunheim who is the daughter of Frost Giant Angrboda and Loki.


This might be interesting to know that the character Hela father is not Loki which you and others think as shown by the Marvel Universe but her father was a previous incarnation of Loki who was dead in the earlier Ragnarok. This could probably mean that Hela will be having an awareness of the cycle of Ragnarok in the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok.

See was named Goddess of Death on becoming an adult and Hela was granted domination over two realms. All the nine worlds are connected by a tree Yggdrasil and greater of the two realms Niflheim also known as “Mist Home” which is the realm of dishonoured dead.

As shown in the comics, Hela was not granted dominance over Valhalla also known as the land of honoured dead which was connected to Asgard. Although she was often shown escorting some great souls into the realm and she desires to possess all the souls of the worshippers Asgardians which include Odin and Thor soul also.

Asgardian god of Fate Norns warned about the evil soul of Hela and her role in initiating Ragnarok. Loki along with Hela attempt to initiate the apocalypse event by killing Balder the Brave and sending a whole wave of monsters to the gates of Asgard. Ragnarok literally comes for Asgardian’s which was started by Universe itself and Hela died with rest.

Hela was revived again by Loki and after massive destruction, she continues to rule over Hel until Angela take over the realm,who is the recently discovered sister of Thor and Loki.

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