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Hulk’s role revealed in Thor: Ragnarok movie – story and cast news

Hulk’s role revealed in Thor: Ragnarok movie – story and cast news
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The mysterious Thor: Ragnarok is still in depths for its rewrite and including some of the Marvel characters in the script. The writers on this project include Christopher Yost who was also the director of Thor: The Dark World, Craig Kyle (Iron Man: Armond adventures), and current writer Craig Kyle are together working on to craft new sequel Thor: Ragnarok.

They have decided to add some more jokes to this Thor movie before it is hitting the cinemas but the story and other details are still foggy at best as they are shifting and changing constantly. We are able to bring some news about the inclusion of Odin and Cate Blanchett’s Villainous role as Hela. In recent weeks details on how Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk will enter in the movie.


Despite not reading the movie, he accepted to work with Thor in next project and Ruffalo described Ragnarok as a Universal road movie which will be mostly like 1980’s movies Midnight Run with Hulk and the Thor.

Marvel was planning to weave the character Hulk in a creative way after Avengers which also include banishing Hulk to another planet after Avengers 2 with spinning him into some other planet (which is based on Greg Pak comic storyline) and after Phase three Hulk finally returns to Earth in some sort of Avengers movie.

We are trying to reconnect Hulk with Thor: Ragnarok, he manages to revert back since we last saw in Quinjet which was last seen in Avengers Age of Ultron. Hulk in his first movie Hulk was much unliked by many people due to its individual appearance in the movie and he survived the trip to Sakaar where he met with his friend Thor where he managed to remember him.

As the Thor shooting is not been locked down, it will be interesting to know how this famous character will be linked in the story but sources are confirming that Marvel just finds a way to link the story of Hulk with Ragnarok.

Thor knows that he has to get some type of MccGuffin weapon object to defeat Hela and Loki who is also his brother and will be returning again in the sequel to make it more interesting.

Updated: December 10, 2016 — 7:53 am

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