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Thor Ragnarok cast: Actress Natalie Portman not in the movie

Thor Ragnarok cast: Actress Natalie Portman not in the movie
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According to the reports, it seems like the most famous Academy Award winner Natalie Portman will be not returning to her main character as Jane Foster in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok which is on his way to falling in 2017. In fact, it seems that Chris Hemsworth will be having all new love interest.

It is said that the famous actress Tessa Thompson is said to have been cast in the next sequel and is having a key role which is also said to be a new role of interest to Thor. The director Taika Waititi has already decided the cast whose Natalie is not a part. Nerdist has reached out for comment from Marvel studios and yet he heard all the time at the time of publication.

As there were rumors during the making of the second part of Thor film that Portman was very unhappy with the loss of the director Patty Jenkins- who is now be directing Wonder Woman- and has only appeared due some serious contract obligations.


If in fact, she doesn’t appear in Thor: Ragnarok, it would not be a big deal or much of a surprise as the director must have any alternate for this situation. The other shock is that Jane Foster friend will not be seen in the film either.

The actor Stellan Skarsgard also told Den of Greek that he will not be returning as Dr. Erik Selvig without his partner Jane. This must be highly unlikely that her assistant (Kat Dennings) may or may not show up in either.

It will be interesting to know how the story in Thor Ragnarok will be ending the love story of these two most popular character with the central crux of the first two movies. In Thor: The Dark World, Thor almost gave up all of his life on Asgard for someone who was mortal and whom he love.

Beside this, Thor: Ragnarok will be featuring co-star Avenger Mark Ruffalo also famous by name Hulk with some rumors of the appearance of Cate Blanchett who will be seen as a villainous character. This movie is set hit the theaters on November 3,2017.

Updated: December 10, 2016 — 7:53 am

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