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All about Planet Hulk and the movie Thor: Ragnarok’s plot

All about Planet Hulk and the movie Thor: Ragnarok’s plot
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Thor: Ragnarok is probably more than a year away and for the third time Chris Hemsworth will be doing a spectacular role of God of Thunder in this movie. Followed by recent confirmation of inclusion of Hulk in the cast, rumours are there that story will be incorporating some of the elements of Planet Hulk story-line.

For knowing about Planet Hulk and how it can be possibly fit into Thor: Ragnarok, you have to read the story…The question can be linked to popular Marvel Comics arc that writer Greg PaK launched in 2006 in Incredible Hulk #92 which was carried on into 2007. In this, there was a group of strongest characters which were ominously known as Illuminati which include Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, the alteration King Namor, Professor X, Black Bolt(Inhuman King) and Doctor Strange. The team decided that Hulk was too dangerous for the people of Earth and they tricked him into a satellite and fired Hulk away deep into space.


This might be the best and safest way to solve the problem of Big Guy Hulk but probably that ain’t gonna happen. Hulk Crash just landed on Sakaar, an abandoned planet ruled by Red King who enslaves all the other citizens of the planet and forced them to fight the Gladiator battles. Hulk than having no choice joined the group of Gladiators which were called Warbound. With some help from his friend Silver Surfer Hulk became the saviour of the planet eventually.

After some time Hulk eventually returns to planet Earth and called it a revenge mission kicking some of the best saviours of the planet. As the new Thor film is named as “Universal Road Movie” which is especially for Hulk and the God of Thunder, Hulk off Earths setting can be used as one of the reasons why Natalie Portman is not coming as Jane Foster in Thor: Ragnarok. So there can be complete chance that the setting of Sakaar which includes some of the alien planet arenas can possibly become the part of the road trip.

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