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Thor 3: Ragnarok plot spoilers, rumors. Female Thor in movie, Loki’s death?

Thor 3: Ragnarok plot spoilers, rumors. Female Thor in movie, Loki’s death?
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The much awaited Thor: Ragnarok might see Loki meeting his end. But while Loki will disappoint, the character of Thor will return in 2017 in the third part of the superhero film series, Thor 3 Ragnarok that will release in November 2017.

In the Ragnarok tale of Norse mythology, Loki is killed by Heimdall. The crucial plot of Thor 3 will deal with portraying the end of days of Asgard as has been mentioned in the Norse mythology. Apparently, Thor 3 Ragnarok will have Surtur entering as a villain who will be the reason behind destroying Asgard. Another turning point in Thor 3 Ragnarok would be when the audience will come to realize that it is not only Thor’s home planet Asgard that will be in danger.


Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, will be literally ripping apart the head of Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. This scene of Thor 3 Ragnarok, if gets approved by the makers, will be based on the original story written in Marvel comics. Thor does so because Loki committed treachery. Thor 3 Ragnarok will be one intriguing movie that will surely keep hold of audience’s attention.

Apparently, Thor 3 Ragnarok will either end up in marking the death of Thor or will make him powerless i.e. without his hammer. It is said that Thor will have an engaging fight with a giant snake and die, while Loki will fight with Heimdall (Idris Elba). In the end it is speculated that they both will die. What comes as gloomy news in this piece of report is that if this is true, then the major characters of the film franchise will end by the end of the movie.

Another amusing part in Thor 3 will be the entry of a female Thor. This will prove to be another exotic story in the series of delights Thor 3 Ragnarok has for the audience. Another story that follows says that Thor might endure the epic battle that he has to face in the movie but he would be transferring his power to his lady love Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). However, this again is a speculation and the same has not yet been confirmed by Marvel and Paramount Pictures. The plot of Thor Ragnarok has also yet not been confirmed in any of the reports.

The roles of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have been confirmed by both the actors respectively. Thor 3 Ragnarok will see them portraying the roles of Thor and Loki, respectively. Thor Ragnarok will be written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, while the producer has yet not been finalised. The audience will have to await the release of Thor Ragnarok till Nov. 3, 2017.

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