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Thor 3: Ragnarok movie Screenwriter moves Towards Production stages

Thor 3: Ragnarok movie Screenwriter moves Towards Production stages
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So whilst we may have all been distracted by the magnificent Captain America: Civil War trailer which released a month ago, remember that it’s not by any means the only heavyweight of Phase 3 that we ought to be paying attention to. Though Civil War will be the official launching post for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is Thor: Ragnarok that is going to truly begin the street to upcoming Avengers film – Infinity War. Since Thor: Ragnarok isn’t expected in silver screens until 2017, unfortunately we don’t know about the particulars of the plot or the respected roles of certain key cast members.



Thank you for all the congratulations! Thrilled to be writing THOR RAGNAROK. Glad I could finally share the news. Clearly, Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor and Tom Hiddleston is tapped to show up as Loki. Mark Ruffalo will be appearing as Hulk/Bruce Banner and Jaime Alexander will be playing another turn as Lady Sif- all this is merely a speculation and has not yet been confirmed. The screenplay will be written by screenwriter Stephany Folsom who has simply been brought on board to compose the screenplay for Thor 3 recently. Folsom, who is not a major name in Hollywood, is all set to change his career graph too, as Thor 3 is turning out to be a stunningly assembled film. Waititi was an amazement tap for the makers because of her absence from former huge Hollywood activity. Since it is her maiden major project in Hollywood, she is expected to work super hard for the film and will be something really great for Marvel Studios.


Acquiring lesser known actors for Ragnarok may very well be a brilliant move. However, the Thor franchise is in urgent need of new people after the disappointing Thor: The Dark World, directed by Alan Taylor. Thor might not be the most evident superhero, yet the fun and the whimsical air, beyond any doubt, worked for Guardians of the Galaxy, and hence we’re eager to see what Waititi and Folsom can create here.

Jenkins would’ve been the first female Captain to sail the ship of a Marvel film, as the MCU remains generally a young men club. Jenkins has now taken over to DC, and will be coordinating the Wonder Woman solo film.

Updated: December 10, 2016 — 7:55 am

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