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Thor: Ragnarok characters and cast who may die in Thor 3 continued: Plot spoilers

Thor: Ragnarok characters and cast who may die in Thor 3 continued: Plot spoilers
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As we were telling you about the characters from Thor Ragnarok who may die in this third installation of the Thor series, we already covered 4 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who may die in Thor 3: Ragnarok and now we bring you the remaining 3 ranked according to the probability of them dying in Thor Ragnarok :-


3. Jane Foster

Thor 3 Ragnarok will provide us with a reason why Jane is not seen in the party scene in the Age of Ultron trailer with Thor. We all know by now that Ragnarok is an Asgardian battle and hence all the others will be affected by this in Thor 3 Rangnarok. The reason why Jane is not seen in the party scene is that Thor and Jane have broken up, and are over with their relationship. Although, as per the reports, we might see Jane in 2017 despite that fact that there are too many loose ends between the two. Even if she reunites with Thor, it doesn’t mean she’ll survive because she is only a mere human in the end. Jane will die in the end but that would be for the betterment of all Asgardians, and not just her ex-boyfriend.

2. Heimdall

Thor 3 Ragnarok will have Heimdall guarding Asgard from the Bifrost Bridge. As was seen in Thor: The Dark World, any threat that approaches Asagard is first detected by him. Ragnarok will be the first one to fight the battle, if he makes his way to the home world. And taking consideration of the fact that how Ragnarok is destined to end, Heimdall will probably be killed in the first wave of chaos. If a different world anyhow is taken up by Ragnarok then in that case Heimdall will apparently join his fellow warriors and fight on the battlefield. The first two parts of Thor Ragnarok have seen Heimdall in action several times and hence it will be fascinating to see the impassive watchman unleash his thirst for battle. Before Heimdall’s character comes to an end, he would have ended the lives of as many enemies as possible.

1. The Warriors Three

The most cheerful and delighted three characters of Thor 3 Ragnarok will come as the most unimportant part of the Asgardians in this movie. The guys whom we have always seen together might be the pioneers of fight in the battle. What is more disturbing is the fact that the odds of one of them dying are higher than the Asgard palace’s towers. And hence we might be seeing everybody facing death this time in Thor 3 Ragnarok. Since war is equal for all and does not discriminate between anyone, we might see the fall of Fandral, Hogun or Volstagg.

The fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Thor 3 Ragnarok. It will be fun to see who falls prey to the hands of death on the first instance. Thor 3 Ragnarok is a Marvel Comics that will release in the year 2017.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 7:07 am

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