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Thor: Ragnarok characters and cast who may die in Thor 3: Plot spoilers

Thor: Ragnarok characters and cast who may die in Thor 3: Plot spoilers
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The third installment of Thor Ragnarok will see the Asgardians fighting a battle that they have never comprehended ever in their lives. The 2017 release Thor 3 Ragnarok will see altercations that the fans have never thought of before. Asgard will be destroys in the third part of Thor Ragnarok as per the Norse mythology. Thor Ragnarok 3 will see the end of many important characters of the movie as well. Fans will get the first look of this battle in the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is expected that the third part of Thor Ragnarok will change the further movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everything will go under a massive change once Thor Ragnarok hits the theaters.


While speculations have been made by people all around the world on who will be evading forever from the movie third series of Thor Ragnarok, we have here made a list of people who will supposedly fall in battle during the film. We have drafter the characters of Thor Ragnarok part-3 according to the most probable survival rates. Those appearing on the top have high probability and the lower ones have less. Again, these are only speculations and none of them stands to be confirmed by any authority.

7. Loki

In the movie Thor Ragnarok 3, Thor has low chances of survival as compared to Loki. Loki will be making an appearance in the Avengers: Infinity War movies and he has already had his brush with death in Thor: The Dark World. And hence, we foresee that the third series of Thor Ragnarok will not be the end of Loki, and suddenly revive him a year later. It will be Loki who will be adding fuel to the fire of the battle that he will commence, and so it will be highly improbable of the makers to see him perish in the very battle. An Asgardian cat has less life than Loki, and so it is foreseen that he’ll probably escape the apocalyptic battle.

6. Thor

Contrary to the popular belief that Thor Ragnarok 3 would be the end of Thor, we believe that Thor dying in Ragnarok would be a completely random plot twist and is not possible. As per the Marvel comics, Thor disappeared after he broke the Ragnarok cycle, which had already destroyed Asgard and all of its inhabitants. What called him back to Earth is the fact that it was Donald Blake who searched for and found Mjolnir. A new Asgard was then built on Earth and it were Thor’s endeavors that helped him revive all the Asgardians. While Thor 3 Ragnarok won’t see Thor’s death, it’s highly probable that Thor may die during the third installment of Thor Ragnarok. Before Thanos invades Asagard, Thor will be revived and set in pace.

5. Lady Sif

The third installment of Thor Ragnarok will have Sif as the only women who will be handling the movie Thor Ragnarok 3. This is because Frigga is dead and appearance from Jane Foster is highly improbable. Sif is no less than the other warriors of the movie Thor Ragnarok. However, she may therefore be one of the many casualties of Ragnarok. We sincerely wish that even if the makers think of exhausting the character, it should be in a manner that a male character does not give birth to a male character into action. Apparently, it might be that Thor and Sif may blossom up with a romantic relationship in the third installment of Thor Ragnarok. Sif, of Thor Ragnarok 3 fame will then die a warrior’s death on the battlefield while Thor is off trying to end the apocalypse.

4. Odin

By the end of Thor: The Dark World, the fate of All-Father’s was left dubious and the audience had to face disappointment. The situation mulling over Odin was not made clear, while Loki was busy masquerading at his adoptive father. In earlier parts of Thor Ragnarok Odin was assumed to be dead, imprisoned, or just in another room while Loki was up to his antics. It is expected that Odin will take part in the battle even if Loki has seized the throne.

We’ll be covering the 3 remaining characters in the next post. Stay updated Guardians of the Galaxy fans, more awesome updates to come.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 7:32 am

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