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Thor: Ragnarok villain Ragnarok in actual Thor comics – Marvel Comics

Thor: Ragnarok villain Ragnarok in actual Thor comics – Marvel Comics
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Ragnarok is one of the most famous, wild and harsh villains Marvel Comics has moulded ever. Ragnarok is a fictional super villain character who appears in comic books and had made his first appearance in the third part of Civil War that released in July 2006. Ragnarok is well known for being the cyborg clone of Thor.

It was Tony Stark who had brought the real Thor in action, when everyone else presumed him dead. He took one of his hairs, which he had retained from the first meeting of the Avengers. Tony stark conspired with Reed Richards and Hank Pym to clone the Asgardian DNA. This further fused him with Stark technology. After this, the result ended up in the creation of a new Thor. The clone came into action during the superhero Civil War. Until then it was rendered to be a complete waste, but then it was sent to battle anti-registration heroes. This clone had put all the heroes on a downfall and all of them were brought down. It was Hercules then who helped all the heroes to escape. However, the murder of Goliath had set the battle out of hand and it lost control. It was the clone who murdered Goliath by blasting him through the chest. He then set out to kill the rest of the anti-registration heroes. When the clone went out of control then it was Reed Richards who deactivated the clone with a vocal code. He later amended and made changes in his brain to prevent such a devastating mishap from happening again.


It all commenced when the New Warriors attempted to gain ratings for their reality show by capturing a group of escaped villains. Nitro was then introduced who utilized his explosive powers and killed most of the New Warriors and children at a near-by school. The government then proposed the Superhuman Registration Act which further became the Superhuman Registration Act and then became law. It was then that Tony realized it was high time the serious strength on their side should be showed and also the time had come to use the strand of hair.

There were two groups formed by then- The Pro-Registration and the Anti-Registration group. The Pro-Registration side eventually set a trap for the Anti-Registration group, who were now known as the Secret Avengers. Knowing this, the Secret Avengers planned an escape, but it was all destroyed when the Thor clone used his mechanical hammer to blast a hole through Goliath’s chest, killing him instantly.

The Superhuman Civil War came to an end when Captain America surrendered to authorities. It was Hercules who ended up the battle when he destroyed the Thor clone. He had foreseen that the clone could commit no further atrocities.

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