Thor Ragnarok Movie Trailer, Thor 3 Cast, Release Date, 1st Look, Posters, Videos

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Official Trailer | Chris Hemsworth Thor 3 Ragnarok Film Teaser Online, 1st Look, Posters, Story-plot, Release date, Cast, Videos.

Thor: Ragnarok official release date. Thor 3 – Crucial Marvel Phase 3 movie

Thor: Ragnarok official release date. Thor 3 – Crucial Marvel Phase 3 movie
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Mark your dates people- the official announcement for the release of the third movie of the Thor franchise, Thor Ragnarok has been made. Thor Ragnarok that is basically based on the plot of Norse God in the Marvel cinematic universe will be released on date – November 3, 2017.

Another interesting factor would be the return of Chris Hemsworth as Thor for the third series in a row in Thor Ragnarok. Chris will be undertaking the pivotal role of Thor and will be wielding the mighty hammer Mjölnir for the third time as he faces his toughest challenge yet in Thor 3 Ragnarok.

It is being speculated that Thor 3 will show the end of the world. The subtitle, Ragnarok, means the end of days in Norse Mythology. Thor 3 Ragnarok has in store for its fans a catastrophic event that will curtail an epic fight that will in the end see the death of important gods including Odin, Tyr, Heimdallr, and even Thor.

Apparently, Thor Ragnarok will be the end of an era of Thor and his powers. Thor 3 Ragnarok might either see the death of Thor or might see Thor abandoning his powers and transmitting them to someone else. The term Ragnarok in the third part of the Thor franchise Thor Ragnarok literally points to the destruction of worlds.


There will be oodles of treats for the audience in Thor Ragnarok. Various new entrants will keep the audience engaged in the movie. Another very interesting plot was moulded in the latest Avengers movie, where they showed how other members were proved to be unable to lift the hammer. It was because Thor’s hammer can only be lifted by someone who is worthy and can carry the responsibility of such a hammer. It is being speculated that in movie Thor Ragnarok, Thor will pass on his hammer to someone else who is worthy of it. While most of them failed to lift the hammer. Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) were all unable to lift the thunder god’s hammer. It was Captain America (Chris Evans) who however, made the hammer bulge, which gets a funny subtle reaction from Thor. But that means Captain America’s intentions and capability were genuine as compared to the others.

What comes as a surprise to everyone is the later part of the movie where Vision (Paul Bettany) is able to carry the hammer and that too with an ease that could envy anyone. Vision effortlessly carried the hammer that was in possession of Thor. If anything but the Marvel Comic is to be considered, one comes to know that there were several other characters that were able to carry the hammer. Prominent amongst them was Alien Beta Ray Bill, who was the first one to be able to carry the hammer in an issue of the Thor comic book franchise back in 1983. Other characters that followed this tradition were Wonder Woman, Hulk, Superman, Magneto, Loki, and even Deadpool. Ragnarok might come into play in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie in November, 2017.

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