Thor Ragnarok Movie Trailer, Thor 3 Cast, Release Date, 1st Look, Posters, Videos

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Official Trailer | Chris Hemsworth Thor 3 Ragnarok Film Teaser Online, 1st Look, Posters, Story-plot, Release date, Cast, Videos.

Thor 3 casting and plot, Thor Ragnarok will end Asgard. Is Natalie Portman new Thor?

Thor 3 casting and plot, Thor Ragnarok will end Asgard. Is Natalie Portman new Thor?
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Thor 3 Ragnarok will be a movie of destruction, action and a zeal that was never seen before. The movie Thor 3 Ragnarok will see Loki heading towards his last days. Thor 3 Ragnarok is the third movie in the Thor franchise, which will see Loki disguised as Odin, during the end of Asgard and the world. As per the Norse mythology, Ragnarok was a great battle that in the end brought an end to the life of gods like Odin, Heimdallr, Thor, and Loki.

Things would not remain the same in the upcoming Marvel Universe movies after Thor 3 Ragnarok. Thee upcoming movie to be released in 2017, will see a major transformation in the Marvel Universe. Apparently, Loki will commence an epic fight between Midgard and Asgard at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron that will set the pace of Thor 3 Ragnarok on action.

This time around again it will be Chris Hemsworth who will be playing Thor in Thor 3 Ragnarok for a third time in a row. Thor will return back to Asgard to defend his kingdom from complete destruction. Thor 3 Ragnarok will see a new entrant in the Marvel superhero franchise which is rumoured to be Natalie Portman. Thor 3 Ragnarok will come to an end because of a female Thor, Jane Foster. Foster is Thor’s girlfriend.

As the title suggests this movie will be based on Ragnarok and will revolve around him. Thor 3 Ragnarok might see Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth; lose his most precious possession Mjolnir in a battle with his worst enemy yet. The end of Asgard will be due to Ragnarok who has been desperately trying to gain supremacy by attempting to get hold of the Infinity Gauntlet, which is kept in Asgard.


In the second part of the Thor series, Thor’s brother Loki fooled Thor by faking his death at the end of “Thor: The Dark World”. He did this cowardly act to acquire the throne of Asgard from Odin. The role of Odin will be played by veteran British actor Anthony Hopkins.

Thor 3 Ragnarok will end on a sad note that will disappoint everyone. It is probable that Thor, Odin and Loki will die by the end of the movie Thor 3 Ragnarok when their world gets submerged in water, and a new world surfaces.

The theatres will be abuzz with Marvel superhero movies till 2020. Marvel Studios have officially announced that there will be Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain America 3: Civil War, Ant-Man and Avengers Age of Ultron that are waiting in the row. Thor 3 Ragnarok is slated for a release on November 3, 2017. The makers had originally decided for the release of Thor 3 Ragnarok in July 2017 but it was later shifted and was postponed.

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